Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wien Extra - information centre

I recently spent a while surfing information in the centre at MQ. here are some of the things I grabbed while there:-

AKzent theater - junior abo
DAD - digital guide for fathers to be
ElternkindZentrum Gilgegasse
Kontaktepool Wien contact between German and people from other cultures

( more to come )

15.12, Deewan, 17.30 to 20.00

Suchprofil "Themen-Suchprofil"Museen/Veranstaltung/Vortrag/Wirtschaft/Wissenschaft/Termin 2008-12-11 / 09:15:55 / PID Presse- und Informationsdienst der Stadt Wien Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus: Freiheit des Gebens und Nehmens Wien (OTS) - Das Bezirksmuseum Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus (Wien 15.,Rosinagasse 4) richtet am Montag, 15. Dezember, im Zuge der Reihe"Kultur & Cafe/Junge Wissenschaft" einen Vortragsabend aus. Kultur-und Sozialanthropologen in Ausbildung referieren unter dem Titel "Vonder Freiheit des Gebens und Nehmens" über den "Kost-Nix-Laden" undüber die individuelle Preisgestaltung im pakistanischen Restaurant"Deewan" in Wien. Die Studierenden setzen sich mit verschiedenen"alternativen" Wirtschaftsformen auseinander, gehen der Umsetzungsolcher Modelle in der Praxis und den Reaktionen der Konsumenten aufden Grund. Die Veranstaltung dauert von 17.30 bis 20.00 Uhr, derEintritt ist kostenlos. Nähere Informationen und Anmeldungen: Telefon0699/111 670 51.

Monday, December 8, 2008

dinner with james, and the "Brühlerstrasse Cluster"

so, had a lovely lunch, walk and dinner with James, and watched the jumper. nice day

scooting back, popped into for a look at their christmas market, and was offered a sample bag from the Brühlerstrasse Cluster.

naturally, i chatted a while with Andrea ( Kicker ) who was running the stand, and now I am home i am looking at the contents, which promotes the local stores there as a bit of a cluster:-

Andrea Kicker, Masseur Christian, Haarstudio Claudia Zinner, Atelier sJ , Sisley, il Salotto

seems to be in line with Mödling Community ! I shall explore more

Thursday, December 4, 2008

nige is surprised

frankly, i am surprised!

at how much can be achieved so quickly, with a little willingness and belief.

and very good friends and friends-of-friends, who are also professionals in their own spheres.

from an informal strategy planning session where it was mentioned that a CD was required, and seemed a distant goal, what materialised yesterday was so much more, so much fun, and frankly almost unbelievable. surreal and yet wonderful!

lunch with Charles ( without food! ) led to the idea of launching Blue Sky Stuff on 4th December with the operatwins singing as artistic support and to promote their Christmas single in support of the verein, to raise money for books-for-kids. trouble getting into Palais Auersberg led to a suggestion to use skybar on 2nd, which led to using the Turkish Embassy all day on 4th, to film the Jingle Bells Christmas single, interviews, elevators, a CD and a video both for release and of "the making of ....".

Stu organised the film crew, Boris, and recording crew, Joseph, changing from 2nd to 4th with ease. The operatwins organised the venue. Erina appeared from nowhere to play the piano. Moni organised the interviews. Mehmet filmed, organised and plied us with tea and coffee. Nige sat and smiled all day long without pause, apart from a tear or two.

here is just some of the incredible output:-
Blog of the day, released during the day!
Jingle Bells
Launch of Blue Sky Stuff
Moni's elevator pitch
Interiew with the operatwins
promo/demo CD
First CD !
promo Video !
music video
behind the scenes!

now it is the morning after, and the beginning of the rest of our lives. and as Anna so aptly put it last Friday morning, having had such a fantastic day, each day of the rest of our lives will be measured from a new starting point! we have changed the base line of expectation.