Thursday, November 22, 2007

Robyn Benincasa - Director of Fun

perhaps the best job title I have ever seen!

i want a job like that , and i want to get her to vienna as a speaker!

Thomas Middleton, the "dark, edgy equal of Shakespeare" ?

interesting articles in TIME, nov 19th, on a new book about this chap, which places him as a guy who wrote plays many years ago about topics that are relvant today, and in a language that could have been written yesterday! i will have to investigate, since i cannot understand the other chaps stuff, and the language he uses....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunny posts about First Tuesday in her :-

Monday, November 19, 2007

First Tuesday In Vienna

If you're a female entrepreneur who will happen to be in Vienna on December 4, check out my friend, Nigel Stonham's, project - First Tuesday. First Tuesday Vienna is where "ideas meet money". The purpose is simply to help entrepreneurs to succeed.First Tuesday was originally driven by the social networking needs of the internet community. Check out First Tuesday.
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Create Like Leonardo and Innovate like Edison; Free Teleseminar 27th Nov

this looks very good:-

Create Like Leonardo and Innovate like Edison; Free Teleseminar

Next Tuesday, November 27th, Join Marcia in an inspiring conversation with the world's leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development Michael J. Gelb. During this call you will;
1. Learn how to apply the thinking, planning and problem-solving strategies of 2 of history's greatest geniuses
2. Unleash your creative power with Leonardo da Vinci as your guiding archetype
3. Discover the dream manifestation system of the inventor who illuminated the world, Thomas Edison.

For more information and registration/event details check;id=159112

Saturday, November 17, 2007

WORLD SPORTS FESTIVAL July 4th – 6th, 2008 Vösendorf

More than 3,000 enthusiastic young people from 17 nations took part in competitons in 2007. And in 2008 1,200 Americans have definitely agreed to come . That guarantees interesting games and exciting competitions. On three days they will compete against each other, cheer on together and celebrate with each other at the WORLD SPORTS FESTIVAL from July 4th – 6th, 2008in Vösendorf Lower Austria / Austria

The flair of the festival does not only consist of hundredths of seconds, goals and points. The unique opportunity in Player‘s Town and at the evening events to meet people from the whole world and make friends is what makes this event so special. The World Sports Festival is a place where skin color, religion and heritage play no role.
The organizers look forward to seeing you .

Mödling - "the Happiest city in Europe!"

Mödling - how to sell my hometown as "the Happiest city in Europe!"

If I could show you a way to take your hometown up one notch on the happiness scale, would you be interested?

having moved here from vienna, and had to reposition in my mind a transition from "Vienna-City of my Dreams!" I came up with "Wien ist anders, aber Mödling is besser", which after a while morphed into simply "Mödling - best city in the world"

people challenge this , which is good, because if they think their home is better that is great ( not true, but great that they feel good ) In order to bring a measure objectivity into this, there is now a new and topical thought. Happiness. How happy is Mödling. How happy are other cities? Does it matter ( of course it does )

What do they need to become happier places? .well, here goes, on a scale of 1 to 10, how happy is your city? This could be measured by taking a sample of the average population and asking them how happy they are with their city on a scale of 1 to 10, and then asking what they would ike to see that would take happiness up a point on the scale. ( initial sample of course is a sample of one, - you ! ) .

original posting on xing here

Monday, November 12, 2007

if people ask me "why?" this is exactly the reason...

from a posting in Amazing Dreamers on Xing

" ..... Why is it that the world amidst these bursts of greatness, remains a place filled with so much poverty, illness, decay, corruption, war, and all that eats away at the moral fibre of communities around the world. I am convinced that our answer does not lie in Great individuals but that the secret to this success lies within the collective. We, all 6.3 billion of us each have a vital role to play in the transformation of society at large
My dream is to leave a legacy behind that generations to come will continue to build on and enjoy the fruits of. I believe that my gift to this generation and the ones that are to follow is to assist in building a PLATFORM from which individuals can be released into that which they were designed for
I have been inspired by them to do my part and that is to encourage anyone out there who realizes that their journey, their encrypted design is calling out to them to get involved with this and similar projects. I have a few ideas but together we can draw in resources to not just warehouse but to transform young lives to become all that they were designed to be.

This is just a small part on the journey of fulfilling my dream and my hope is that you would join hands with me in the fight against the decay of our society."

if you want more, pls mail me, nigel

Canoe Polo in Austria

Canoe Polo is one of the fastest growing water sports in the UK at the moment. It is fast and furious, and so is Frank. He has played regularly for the last 15 years, and is revving up the sport in Austria.

He has just got a grant to support development and training of two international teams here to enter an international competition in Czech Republic next September.

The English Room is looking to support this in Mödling with both youth teams and adult teams. We need players, the rest will follow. Please get in touch


Fire Station and Fireworks

Fire Station Visit and Firework Celebration
Once again a fantastic time at the fire station, hosted by Fireman Rich, with the kids crawling through cages, climbing drying towers and riding in the biggest toys in town! Thanks to the Mödling Fire Department . Plus we went to the climbing wall and had a nice meal!

Fire Station Visit 1oth november 2007 , details here. Next year is 8th November 2008

Thursday, November 8, 2007

update - TV Production

Hallo! Eine (Kölner) TV- Produktionsfirma sucht Familien mit hochbegabten Kindern, die sich gerne mit der Kamera begleiten lassen möchten. (Es geht um Aufklärung in Richtung Schwierigkeiten, Alltagsleben, Förderung...) Falls jemand daran Interesse hat sende ich das zugesendete PDF-Dokumentgerne weiter.LG Katja

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Eine TV- Produktionsfirma sucht Familien mit hochbegabten Kindern

Hallo!Eine (Wiener?) TV- Produktionsfirma sucht Familien mit hochbegabten Kindern, die sichgerne begleiten lassen möchten. (Aufklärung Richtung Schwierigkeiten,Alltagsleben, Förderung...)Falls jemand daran Interesse hat sende ich das zugesendete PDF-Dokumentgerne weiter.LG Katja

or contact nigel :-)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Tuesday Vienna is back!

First Tuesday Vienna is back!

some 50 people relaxed at Cafe Prückel , were ushered around in the name of "speed networking", listened to speakers including the Chief of the Austrian Venture Capital Organisation, and chatted until the meeting was closed by a round table of the FTV Advisory Board. more details and info on next event here


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Skate Boarding - is it the answer?

Skate Boarding ? - is it the answer .....

can it cross the generation gap and spawn a new age of community?

who is lobbying governments for better facilities?

who is bringing the young together , and helping coach them in both skateboarding and in life skills?

who are their role models?

what can we do to further the sport?

- i always wanted to , but never did, but i have actively watched my 8 year old at the skate park, mixing with other kids, being helped by some, observing role models good and bad. i have also cleaned up litter left by others before the kids come saturday morning, and suggested that the AMS encourage some unemployed people to act as "guardians" on the park for 2-4 hours a week in order to get their benefit cash as part of a working in the community program... i hope to bring some skaters from my towns twin towns in the region for a competition later....

- what sort of more positive future could more investment in skating bring? what sort of investment? what sort of RoI? skating was there last year, and i hope again this!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I am dying, but i am having fun, today, tomorrow, and the next day!

I got this today from JC. the guy in the film is dying of cancer, but he has some great messages for us all in this short clip. Carry on living. Have fun. Don't whinge.
have a great weekend, Nigel

A Dreamer for life
The Randy Pausch story is amazing evidence of the power of dreaming and perseverence.This clip, came across my desk and I was inspired to share it with you today.
What brick walls are you willing to walk through?

from:- JC today on amazing dreamers

relaunching first tuesday vienna

it seems that the time is right, for example Christian tells me that Austria needs to be much faster coming up with offers to finance startups, Metalab are offering space for creatives to meet together, inits are going strong as a university incubator. I met recently with Johannes of innovation circle , and discussing how we might cooperate to stimulate innovation here, and also with Hannes of Comdao for the same reason, and it seems that we might all be able to do something useful...

Sales Training for high potentials in Vienna

Sales Training for high potentials in Vienna

i am as ever keen to get the most of greaterIBM resources.... thinking, partnering and generating revenue

i am looking at the idea of a sales school for high potentials between study and work, sort of cross industry sales primer, allowing companies to see who is available for them as sales staff. with an entpreprenurial slant i also see it as part of / an extension of the work i am doing thru First Tuesday here to better train entrepreneurs for selling their products. i see those people as a subset of the audience....

lets explore this some more, and see if anyone else is interested...


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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Stretch or Settle? in Amazing Dreamers forum on Xing

Re: How Much are You Worth?i stretch. constantly

what drives mountaineers to climb? because "its there"

thats what drives me, the challenge :-) the possibility. the excitement. the people

i want more money to grow the projects i am working on.... and/or more people to help me.... :-)


Do you settle? or do you stretch for growth?

If you stretch what drives you? Why do you want more? What do you want more of? How
do you know that you deserve it?

First Tuesday Vienna, in greaterIBM xing forum

First Tuesday Vienna - ideas meet money in the centre of CEE regionI having had the great pleasure of working for (and with great people at) IBM in the UK, c 1981 to 1996, then Oracle, then Computer Associates in UK and CEE

in 1999 I started First Tuesday Vienna to help ideas meet money, and ran it til 2002. after a pause of some 5 years, I am now re-starting it, since the timing feels good, austrians need a new platform to help bring ideas together with money, and the organisation can be streamlined through stuff like xing.

so. how can greaterIBM/IBM help an organisation like to succeed? thats an open question, and i look foward to your thoughts!;wsa=1678674.f1ceb8;id=6273018