Friday, May 15, 2009

Happiness Coaching

the story unfolds....

Mr Happy - a great book read many times to Vincent

teaching english, developed a module on Happiness in 2007 - how to define measure compare and increase happiness

end 2008 - Happiness as the major economic driver of 21st century, a debate. an event.

Future Proof Yourself , a handbook... defines happiness as one of 4 major factors to secure your future against a world turning upside down

talked about Chief Happiness Officers in companies, tasked with happiness of staff, would predict an immediate rise in output from the message that the appointment of such a person would give to morale.

refine Happiness Coaching concept in 2009, May - work the model with a student, define 3 clear objectives to increase happiness by 10 percentage points

8th May - sell a coaching session, delivered on 12th May. Sceptical student, paid up, and then wrote next day saying "the coaching was good, i feel super today - no idea why but is true"

ongoing refinement. plan to use Happiness Coaching with people and organisations in order to reduce stress problems. A happy person is better able to cope with daily stress, is healthier, more productive, and mor successful. Will work complementary coaching with Moni who comes from systemic coaching background and with a different approach for stress management.

i can see that this leads naturally into more work with kids using the mr men books to discuss and understand emotions and personality types .., mr happy , mr rush ( how do you feel when you rush, or someone rushes you ) mr nosey, mr greedy etc....

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