Monday, August 3, 2009

choosing happiness ...

so, just read a page from Andrew Matthews, "happiness isnt something that just happens to you, like an accident, its something that you choose" and it's what i have been saying for some while now. we are free to choose, happy or unhappy.

i was talking to a student about cars. after a breakdown, his day just got worse.
the pickup truck was late, the garage was slow, the insurance took ages, it cost time and money. negative things compunded and he remembers them all.
he said, one negative thing brought on many others.

i remembered the time my car was broken into, along with many others, outside the hospital where my mum was, and i had my coat stolen.
it seemed my day could have gone as his.
however, after 2 minutes of "anger" i changed my thinking to how lucky i am not to be wandering the streets with nothing better to do, how grateful for my parents for my upbringing and wondered what i can do to help others less fortunate.
my day was improved, and not spoiled by the experience, and i chose to stay happy.
my memory, as clear as his, is positive :-)

if someone asks you how your day is - do you reply "so,so" or "crap" or "fantastic" ?
does your response change your day ?
if crap is 1 and fantastic is 10, on a scale, and you could only choose 1 or 10 - which would you choose?

is today the happiest day of your life?
are you prepared to let it be the happiest day of your life?
can you wake up and let your first thought be "today is going to be the happiest day of my life".?


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